Reasons why you should choose a Private Investigator to assist you in locating your missing child.

Your child is missing. He or she may or may not have disappeared by their own choice, but they need to be found Quickly.

The longer you wait to pursue recovering your child the less the odds are that they will return safely and unharmed. The police will do everything within their power to find runaway children, but they don’t have the resources to dedicate an investigator to your specific case. Texas private investigators Watchful Eye Investigations will assign a team specifically dedicated to finding your child and will travel wherever it takes to do so. 

But the process for finding a runaway is different than finding a missing person. The majority of the time, a runaway doesn't want to be found. And since a good portion of runaways are minors, there are fewer records we can rely on to help us in our search efforts.  To get  the information we need, we employ an intensive investigative strategy that includes tactics such as canvassing the Internet, examining cell phone records, interviewing friends, family and teachers, contacting shelters and hotlines, reviewing journal entries, checking the manifests of bus transportation companies, posting missing person flyers and more. 

Our search is always intensive and exhaustive. If you suspect your child is missing, contact Watchful Eye Investigations immediately. And most importantly, do NOT go through the runaway's computers or cell phones, as there is data we can obtain that may help locate your child.

Location of Runaways
4 tips to help locate your runaway child WITHOUT a private investigators assistance.

1. Be sure to make a police report and establish a rapport with the detectives assigned to the case. These detectives are overworked and you need to make a personal impression on them.

2. Make a detailed list of all the child’s friends. Especially boyfriends and girlfriends. You’ll need names  addresses, pictures, names of their parents and their friends too.

3. Secure the child’s computer, cell phone, blackberry etc. Do NOT go through it. These devices will have evidence like detailed emails, text messages pics and caller Id. All these things can be recovered by a forensic examination but not unless the devices are secured. If you use them or tamper with them in any way you’ll be overwriting evidence.

4. Locate secret emails, blogs, Myspace and personal ads. These are valuable clues into finding where the child has run off.
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