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WEI is a Texas based, licensed and insured company that has more than 75 years of combined experience, in criminal and civil investigations.  Our staff includes: former and current law enforcement officers, paralegal certified investigators, licensed polygraph examiners, Texas Supreme Court certified process servers, former police detectives, and investigators who hold Bachelor/Masters Degrees in Criminal Justice. We have access to some of the most effective Law Enforcement grade databases to help give you current, and accurate information that will prove to be vital to your situation.  We will only assign the most highly trained and professional investigators to handle your case, no matter how complex or problematic your crisis may be. 
Steve Russo                                                      
President/CEO Steve has more than 20 years of investigations experience. He graduated from CAPCO Police Academy in 2002 and has been in the Law Enforcement profession ever since.  He has extensive experience working in undercover narcotics, TABC sting operations, and criminal investigations. Steve currently works as a Deputy Constable in Caldwell County. He also worked as a Warrant Officer, Patrol Officer, and Marine Safety Enforcement Officer. He's worked on personal protection details for numerous celebrities and political dignitaries throughout his career. He holds a current Texas Peace Officer license with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and has a Private Investigator's license with the Texas Private Security Bureau. Steve has a degree in Practical Theology and served as a youth investigator and worked with troubled juveniles for several years.  He also worked for major retail chains as a certified Loss Prevention Investigator for more than eight years, during which time he investigated and prosecuted hundreds of people for shoplifting and employee theft.  He has hundreds of hours of court room testimony experience, and has more than a thousand hours of police training.  He is certified in crisis intervention, terrorism awareness, sex crimes investigations, asset forfeiture, identity theft, and crime scene investigations, as well as ALERRT certified (Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training). Steve has been a member of TALI (Texas Association of Licensed Investigators) since 2005 and has owned/managed and worked with various investigation firms over the past decade, he has a strong firsthand knowledge of the complete investigative process from start to finish.

Joe Klingensmith
Criminal Investigator/Polygraph Examiner Joe has more than 25 years of experience in the law enforcement field.  He holds numerous certifications and licenses. He has experience in patrol services, accident investigations, K-9 narcotics, community policing, and crime scene processing, as well as hundreds of hours in municipal, county, and district court room testimony experience.  He also has extensive property crimes and crimes against persons investigative experience.  He is a former Police Sergeant Detective in the Major Crimes Division.  Joe is a licensed private investigator with the Texas Private Security Bureau and is also a State Certified Forensic Hypnotist and Licensed Polygraph Examiner.  He currently has more than 2000 hours interview training in kinesics, analytical, cognitive and Reid techniques. He has administered polygraph examinations for the Williamson County Sheriff's Office and police departments of Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, and Leander, as well as conducting domestic examinations.  He holds a Master Peace Officer License, Crime Prevention Certification, Electronic Evidence Collection Certification, and is licensed by the State of Texas as a Forensic Hypnotist. He is also certified by the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiners Office in Police-Medical Investigation of Death. 
Ben Brown  
Chief of Investigations Ben has more than 35 years of investigative experience, in both law enforcement and corrections.  Ben served 6 years in the United States Army as a Chief Warrant Officer and Aircraft Commander.  He later earned a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degrees in Criminal Justice from Texas A&M University, Central Texas.  Throughout his law enforcement career Ben has obtained several advanced instructor certifications with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education.  He served with the Temple Police Department as a Patrol Officer, Detective, Organized Crime Agent, and Patrol Supervisor. He accrued more than 20 years of experience investigating both misdemeanors and felonies to include homicide, sexual assault, robbery and theft, as well as all manner of undercover drug and vice operations.  Ben also served for 17 years as a Warden for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice; he was actively involved in investigating gang activity, employee misconduct, introduction of contraband, and both inmate and employee grievances. He has attended hundreds of hours of advanced law enforcement classes and court room testimony. He is an FBI trained and certified hostage negotiator, as well as a certified firearms instructor. Ben has also worked in the private sector in security, loss prevention, and asset recovery.
Tony Luparello                                            
Forensic Investigator Tony graduated from The State University of New York at Albany in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/Chemistry and worked as an investigator for the New York State Environmental Protection Bureau during his undergraduate career.  He was appointed to the New York State Trooper academy in 1990, and has more than 20 years experience as a Microsoft certified network engineer with knowledge in, but not limited to, Stealth Mode computer key stroke capture (“Keylogging”), hard drive analysis and data extraction, virus detection and prevention, log analysis, internet research, routers, firewalls, servers and desktops.  He has worked with a national team of computer engineers and perimeter/security specialists and has been utilized by the insurance industry for his expertise in computer forensics,  electronic evidence collection, and insurance fraud investigations.
 John VanFleet
Special Investigator John retired as an Intelligence Officer after 24 years with the Central Intelligence Agency. During his career he led teams that worked closely with DEAFBITreasury, the Department of Justice, foreign law enforcement, and intelligence organizations  targeting narcotics trafficking, organized crime, money laundering, counterfeiting, and terrorism. As a Certified Public Accountant with an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master of Science in Taxation from Fontbonne University, John has a solid background in analyzing money laundering mechanisms and financial crimes. As a former imagery analyst with the CIA and photographer with the United Nations weapons inspections teams in Iraq, John also has extensive experience in analyzing and collecting hand-held, aerial, and satellite photography.
Delfino Sanchez Jr. 
Special Investigator  Delfino is currently an Independent Consultant working with Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC (WEI) as well as with other local, state and federal government agencies. He is a licensed Private Investigator in the state of Texas. His law enforcement commission (Texas Peace Officer License) is held by the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office. He is a recognized professional that has provided real time intelligence regarding the Central and South American Criminal Cartels and their association with Trans National Organizations (TNO). He's been invited to participate as a Presenter at various law enforcement training's on topics that include but are not limited to: managing human informants, processing raw intelligence, and characteristics of Cartels. In January 2016, he instructed an eight hour training course on the structure, internal job tasking, and responsibilities within the Mexican Cartels with the BAITS: Behavioral And Interactive Training Specialist School held in Austin, Texas. Delfino is a recent retiree from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) having completed 22 years of service.​
Don Abernathy

Privacy Threat Detection Specialist Don is a trained Investigator with over 25 years of investigative experience in electronics intelligence, computer forensics and undercover intelligence operations in both government and civilian capacities. Don is also a small weapons expert, master scuba diver, extensive electronics, and has electromechanical experience. Don served in the US Marine Corp with 2 years in Viet Nam. He is multilingual (English-Spanish-Portuguese) and has investigative and intelligence experience in several Latin American countries in both Central America and South America. His education covers law, language, foreign etiquette, protocols, psychology and physics. Don has multiple patents in airborne remote sensing and other advanced electronic technologies. He is a certified pilot in Multi-engine fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft with over 12,000 hours flight time, and was certified as an Advanced Flight Instructor.
Derry Minor

Surveillance Consultant Derry retired as a Detective with over 26 years of service from the Austin Police Department. He started his career with the Austin Police Department serving on Patrol in east/northeast Austin for 6 years earning employee of the year twice. Selected in 1991 to the Organized Crime Division where he served until his retirement. During his assignment in the Organized Crime Division, he served as a Narcotic K9 handler for 7 years and was recognized in Federal Court as an expert witness in the handling of Narcotic Detection Dogs. Derry worked on major investigations both on the local and national level. He has over 20 years of experience and considered an expert in conducting covert surveillance, counter surveillance, search warrants, recognition of narcotic use, undercover work, covert electronic and video surveillance, cell phone toll record analysis, bank record analysis, money laundering, historical conspiracies, identity theft, and working with informants. Derry worked extensively undercover resulting in arrests and convictions both at the State and Federal Level. He was assigned to numerous Federal Task Forces working alongside DEA, FBI, IRS, US Customs(Homeland Security), and the United States Attorney's Office. Derry has worked on numerous Federal Court authorized “wiretaps” including the monitoring of cellular phone conversations. He is familiar with every facet of communications utilizing cellular phones and various applications used to communicate to avoid detection. Derry has over 700 hours of training on the National Level in conducting investigations including training by the Los Angeles PoliceChicago Police, DEA, FBI, US Customs, FBI, and IRS.  He has participated and assisted in safely serving over 1,000 search warrants. Derry was the lead investigator in a large internal theft ring at a National Freight Company resulting in the arrests of  persons involved and the recovery of over $100,000 of property stolen from the company. He has testified in court/grand juries both at the State and Federal level. He is the a recipient of the good conduct medal for no sustained complaints or suspensions during his career, 2 Unit of the Year Citation medals, 2 Superior Citation medals, and numerous commendations. Derry has the training and experience to gather the information you need for your investigation to reveal the truth and present in court. Derry is also available as a consultant and expert witness on criminal/civil cases.