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Surveillance Division / Field Supervisor  William Cutrer has been with WEI since 2017, all as a licensed Private Investigator and gradually moved into a supervisor role. He graduated from Texas State University in 2017 with degrees in History and Religion. He is a forever academic student, in both this industry and in many forms of knowledge, especially Psychology. He has extensive knowledge into criminal investigations and studying human behavior, using both fields to further enhance his abilities as an investigator. William Cutrer has also worked in the security and sales industry for the last 15 years; licensed as a Personal Protection Officer, working protection details of all types, both with political and celebrity parties. He also worked as a Corporate Account Manager at Office Depot and as security manager for night clubs in Austin, Texas. He has experience in a multitude of diverse investigations in criminal, civil, and unclear objectives in order to help the client(s) obtain the truth. William Cutrer is diligent in his process, in not only thousands of hours of surveillance and study, but also in reports to translate the narrative of events to the client. He is licensed with a number of diverse Security and Investigation firms across Texas, readily assisting, mentoring or seeking further knowledge to better assist his community. He also mentored many juvenile kids from Williamson County Juvenile Center as they tried to right their lives upon released. William Cutrer also survived 23 documented surgeries from 2011-2015, from a rare accident in the CAPCOG police academy in 2011 that forced him to become knowledgeable in bio-medicine and physiology to better his life and that of others in their own trauma.  He is a student that seeks the truth in every endeavor and is always willing to help and learn.

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