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Who is W.E.I.?

Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC is a Texas-based, licensed and insured Private Investigation Company that has more than 95 years of combined experience in criminal and civil investigations.  Our staff includes: former and current law enforcement officers, paralegal certified investigators, licensed polygraph examiners, Texas Supreme Court certified process servers, former police detectives, former federal agents and investigators who hold Bachelor/Masters Degrees in Criminal Justice. We have access to some of the most sophisticated and highly effective Law Enforcement grade databases to help give you the most current and accurate information.  This will prove to be vital for your case.  We will only assign the most highly trained and professional investigators to handle your case, no matter how complex or problematic your situation may be. We work with law firms, insurance companies, small businesses, large corporations, law enforcement, as well as with individuals. We handle every case with professionalism and confidentiality. We offer a broad spectrum of investigative services to include, surveillance, child custody, cheating spouse, fraud, background investigations, trial preparation, criminal investigations, gps vehicle locating, people locating. WEI will assist you in getting every piece of evidence that is needed for your case. We are available 24/7 to help you in whatever situation you may be facing, no matter the size or complexity, with 100% discretion and compassion. 


"Seeing the Evidence...Revealing the Truth"


" I'm a family law attorney in Austin and am thrilled to have worked with Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC. Before having them on the case, the opposing party constantly manipulated his way around one situation after another to the point where I had to tell my client that her money would be better spent on an investigator than on a lawyer. Then Watchful Eye's investigators got us the hard evidence that we needed to prove the truth. Without exaggeration, it was Watchful Eye's work that finally brought it to a successful conclusion.

One of the reasons they worked well for us is that their investigators were available to us at a moment's notice because they aren't a one-man operation. This was important to us because we had a target who did not have a normal daily routine.  Another reason they worked well for us is because when the time came for trial prep, the background of the investigators made me confident their credibility would not be impeached on the witness stand.  It is with pleasure that I recommend the services of Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC." 

Karen Wang

Attorney at Law

Austin, Tx

"Thanks to all of the investigators at WEI for your recent investigation of property theft at my place of business.  Mr.Russo was experienced, professional, and very responsive, always available to discuss the case by phone or in person."  

"The investigation was thorough and was completed to my total satisfaction. Mr. Russo and his team also took the time to recommend security measures that will be helpful in reducing the possibility of future theft of property.  Hopefully, I will not have a need for a private investigator in the future, but if I do, I'll definitely work with Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC."

Joanna McDonald


More Space Place

Austin, TX


More than 95 years of combined experience.

Criminal Consultant Ben Brown
Ben Brown
Criminal Investigations Consultant
CEO - Steve Russo
Steve Russo
Special Investigator - Delfino Sanchez
Delfino Sanchez
Special Investigator



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