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Surveillance Expert Consultant Derry Minor retired as a Detective with over 26 years of service from the Austin Police Department. He started his career with the Austin Police Department serving on Patrol in east/northeast Austin for 6 years earning employee of the year twice. Selected in 1991 to the Organized Crime Division where he served until his retirement. During his assignment in the Organized Crime Division, he served as a Narcotic K9 handler for 7 years and was recognized in Federal Court as an expert witness in the handling of Narcotic Detection Dogs. Derry worked on major investigations both on the local and national level. He has over 20 years of experience and considered an expert in conducting covert surveillance, counter surveillance, search warrants, recognition of narcotic use, undercover work, covert electronic and video surveillance, cell phone toll record analysis, bank record analysis, money laundering, historical conspiracies, identity theft, and working with informants. Derry worked extensively undercover resulting in arrests and convictions both at the State and Federal Level. He was assigned to numerous Federal Task Forces working alongside DEA, FBI, IRS, US Customs(Homeland Security), and the United States Attorney's Office. Derry has worked on numerous Federal Court authorized “wiretaps” including the monitoring of cellular phone conversations. He is familiar with every facet of communications utilizing cellular phones and various applications used to communicate to avoid detection. Derry has over 700 hours of training on the National Level in conducting investigations including training by the Los Angeles Police, Chicago Police, DEA, FBI, US Customs, FBI, and IRS.  He has participated and assisted in safely serving over 1,000 search warrants. Derry was the lead investigator in a large internal theft ring at a National Freight Company resulting in the arrests of  persons involved and the recovery of over $100,000 of property stolen from the company. He has testified in court/grand juries both at the State and Federal level. He is the a recipient of the good conduct medal for no sustained complaints or suspensions during his career, 2 Unit of the Year Citation medals, 2 Superior Citation medals, and numerous commendations. Derry has the training and experience to gather the information you need for your investigation to reveal the truth and present in court. Derry is also available as a consultant and expert witness on criminal/civil cases.

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