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What our clients are saying about us.

" I would highly recommend the services of Watchful Eye Investigations to any attorney or anyone else who thinks they could benefit from having a private investigator on their side of a dispute.  I have been an attorney in private practice for 25 years in Georgetown, Texas, representing people charged with misdemeanors and felonies as well as people who are in the process of ending their marriages. I recently used the services of Watchful Eye Investigations to work for me in a case involving a senior citizen who was charged with leaving the scene of an accident after allegedly causing injury to a young child. This is a serious felony under the Texas Transportation Code. A conviction for this crime could have meant  felony probation restrictions and/or incarceration for several years for my client.

The original police investigation of the facts of the case was accomplished by an inexperienced police officer who did not fully develop the stories of all the relevant witnesses to the incident. An experienced investigator with Watchful Eye Investigations was able to (1) completely examine all of the information in my file, (2) work with me to take advantage of my knowledge of the legal system and my information about the case, (3) examine the scene of the incident to gain insight to exactly how the incident happened, and (4) interview the only neutral adult witness to the incident to show that the original police investigation had been very rushed and sloppy.

The investigator staff at Watchful Eye Investigations was able to work with me to obtain a very detailed notarized statement from the only adult neutral witness that resulted in a grand jury no-bill of the case and resulted in the district attorney’s request for a district judge to dismiss the felony leaving the scene case. In short, my client avoided punishment for a crime he was not guilty of and my client got his life back. The work of the criminal investigations team from Watchful Eye Investigations was invaluable. "

-Ken Crain

Attorney at Law

Georgetown, TX

" It is my pleasure to recommend Watchful Eye Investigations to handle your private investigation, background check, and process service needs. I have used WEI in various cases over the past several years and have been extremely pleased with their services. Their investigation work is very thorough, effective, and has resulted in multiple successes in my cases. I have been able to prove facts and circumstances, which I simply would not have had evidence regarding, without employing WEI. Their reports and photographs have been extremely valuable in the court room. When being called as witnesses in my cases, WEI's investigators have provided execellent testimony and handled cross examanination with ease. I would highly recommend them if you are in need of evidence which may otherwise be difficult to obtain. "

-Wendi Lester-Boyd

Attorneys and Counselors At Law

Georgetown, TX

" I  recently had an opportunity to refer a big case to Watchful Eye Investigations and based upon the outstanding work that was completed; it is with ease that I write this testimonial.  The case that we referred to WEI was on behalf of a valued client and it involved a complicated insurance fraud situation.  

I want to compliment Mr. Russo on the immediate attention that you gave to this investigation.  I was grateful for the constant updates which enabled me to keep our client apprised of new developments.  Your investigation and attention to detail exceeded our expectations and allowed us to provide our client with a professional work product that will support their future civil action.  

Utilizing surveillance, undercover operations, and through due diligence, the team of investigators were able to obtain information that surpassed our initial requirements.  I must also mention that their ability to complete this assignment below the planned budget is also greatly appreciated. 

Be assured that in the future, Watchful Eye Investigations will be our first contact for any Insurance fraud assignments in the Central Texas area. "

-Al Franceschina 


M.L. Frances, Inc. 

Melville, NY


" One of the most difficult calls that I had to make in my life was to Mr. Steve Russo at Watchful Eye Investigations. My husband had left me after 15 years of marriage, and I was suspicious that he was having an affair. On the strong recommendations from a close friend, I contacted Mr Russo. He was warm, caring, & sensitive to my situation & genuinely listened to me & responded to each of my concerns. I hired his team for 2 weeks & received tons of information of what my lying cheating spouse was up to; all of which will help me win my case in court. I thank Mr Russo & his team for all their efforts & recommend them to anyone going through this hardship. "


Austin, TX

" Watchful Eye Investigations, under the direction of CEO Steve Russo was retained to investigate the sources of a Sham Peer Review an online defamation.  His team of investigators were able to produce an electronic report as well as to locate and notify the adverse sources about their legal implications for the tortuous interference with interstate commerce that was directly effecting my life's work.  My attorney now has key evidence for court, and will be able to reverse this for me." 

" I have asked my colleagues at the Center for Peer Review Justice and Semmelweis Society to consider Watchful Eye Investigations as a professional resource for victims of sham peer review and public corruption by state agencies. Their services are available nationally and they are prepared to serve as expert witnesses in judicial proceedings." 

-Dr.H. Rizvi MD MS, Emergency Med-Ucare

Baltimore, MD 

 " As a Private Investigator and owner of a Private Detective firm in California, I hit the Jackpot when I chose to assign a case to Watchful Eye Investigations. The process was very easy, they were quick to comprehend what I needed assistance with, and the end results were swift, and accurate. The services at WEI impressed me so much, that I felt it necessary to write this testimony. Thanks again for the great service, I will definitely use you again! "

-Noah Marmel    

L A Detectives

Long Beach, California

"I'm very happy with Watchful Eye. We had a situation at our office that was unusual, involving some medical issues. I chose Steve with Watchful Eye because they seemed like more than just "Find my cheating spouse" type of thing. Although I'm sure he's good at that too, they did a good job with our situation. Sensitive to my concerns as an employer that they not be disruptive, and adapted to what I'm sure was an unfamiliar situation for them. I'm now using them for our routine background checks on new hires as well."


Dr. Guy Matthews 

Kyle Animal Hospital

Kyle, TX

"I recently retained Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC to perform a person locate in the Austin area for me. Using skilled investigators, they were able to achieve and locate in a highly secured building, which two previous firms had failed to accomplish. Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC nailed this on the first try, exhibiting excellence in creative thinking and execution. I have since entered their information into my internal database and will be using WEI for services in the future."


Ben Ford

Austin, TX

" Watchful Eye Investigations did an amazing job confirming my suspicions that my wife was having an affair.  I had gathered my own circumstantial evidence but I knew I needed indisputable proof when it came time to go to court.  Mr. Russo and his team of investigators tracked her for a week and produced a mountain of pictures, videos, and detailed reports that left no doubt as to what was going on.  What really impressed me about my experience with Watchful Eye Investigations was the constant communication I had with Mr. Russo and his case managers as they kept me up to speed with the developments of the investigation as events unfolded.  The investigators worked tirelessly on my case with many late nights and early mornings and most importantly, their extensive training proved invaluable as she was never aware that they were around.  While this has been a traumatic time in my life, with the help of Watchful Eye Investigations, I was able to make the best decision for me and my family and I knew that I would be able to continue to be a daily presence in my son's life.  While I hope to never have a reason for this type of investigation again, I would not hesitate to recommend their services to others. "

-Neil. D

Cedar Park, TX

" I had a challenging situation with me being in the north-east and needing to locate my wife in any one of three states in the south to serve an annulment summons . WEI showed leadership to take on the challenge, took responsibility for tracing her, located her right in Central Texas and served the papers promptly keeping up their 100% success rate as mentioned on their website. I am thrilled and extremely satisfied! I should also say for certain that true as advertised, they are truly available 24/7 - with me having a busy job, this was a huge help as I could only actively communicate after hours and Mr. Russo was personally available past midnight everyday co-coordinating the effort. Well done! "

-S. Mallikarjun

New York, NY

" I cannot say enough positive things about Watchful Eye Investigations. Steve Russo and his team of investigators are very professional and get results. I never thought that I would have to use a PI. I hesitated to call, because I thought what can they do and I won't be able to afford the rates, etc. While it is not inexpensive, the evidence they gather is pure gold, especially for child custody cases. When you call have an idea of what you want them to do and what evidence you want gathered, your time line and budget concerns. You will be given a professional opinion on what they can do to help your case. They also will work closely with your attorney. When our attorney asked who was doing the private investigation work, I answered Watchful Eye Investigations. She smiled and said “They get great evidence, I have worked with them before. If I ever had to use a private investigator again, Watchful Eye Investigations will be the only company that I would call. " 

-H. Wolbrueck

Hutto, TX

" I have had the pleasure of using Watchful Eye Investigations on several occasions over the past year and a half and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of any of their services. When I first found WEI I had no idea of the scope of the things that they could do for me. I have personally used many of the services they offer including background checks, GPS tracking, surveillance, process serving, people locating, and electronic evidence collection. Throughout it all, everyone I encountered was extremely professional and understanding. They worked with me every step of the way to find out what I needed for my case and to further my goals without any superfluous action. The knowledge that they possess is unrivaled by anyone else in the field and has proven an invaluable asset to have. They work very quickly, intelligently and discreetly, I was surprised at just how fast they were able to gather information and photographic evidence on numerous places and people. Also, by the amount of knowledge they've gained in their many years in field, The WEI team went above and beyond what I had asked and provided my attorney and I with information that proved to be pivotal in case I was involved in. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with all work done by them, and plan to use them in the future if I am ever in need of any of the myriad services that WEI has to offer."

-Jacob W.

Georgetown, TX

" I can't thank Watchful Eye enough for all of your help! I was ABSOLUTELY Amazed by the dedication and care of my case! The information that I needed was extremely hard to find, and it took a lot of time and devotion!! The investigators never gave up and reassured me that they would find something. They really came through for me, I wish I could give this company 6 stars! Thank you so much."

-K. Desiscruggs

Talylor, TX

" Steve Russo and his team are my new best friends!!!  I had never used a Private Investigator before, but a friend of mine several States away needed some help and I agreed to assist with her quest.   I found Watchful Eye Investigations by searching the web for private investigation teams in Central Texas. They immediately stepped up to the task which involved verifying info from the early 1980s. The info we needed covered several States and several years back. They obtained the info we needed. GO TEAM!! I would highly recommend WEI and will use them again. "

- A. Dodson

Round Rock, TX

" For the first time to deal with a Private Investigator, Watchful Eye made it a smooth process.  They kept everything confidential and made me feel very secure about the whole thing.  Their results were fast and accurate and the communication was amazing."

-M. R.

Taylor, TX

" I needed some help tracking my ex that owed me over $13,000 in back child support. Watchful Eye Investigations was able to track him down and confirm where he was staying, which resulted in an arrest warrant that was served by Austin PD.  This company really helped me big time ".

-K. W. 

Odessa, TX

" I recently hired Watchful Eye Investigations to follow my husband because I had a suspicion that something was going on. They put their investigators on him and within a few days they captured the evidence that confirmed my suspicions, now I know what I have to do. This proved to be very effective for me. Thanks Watchful Eye. "


Georgetown, TX

" I really wanted to locate someone from my old High School. I had already checked all the databases available to the general public and NOTHING! Once I hired Watchful Eye investigations, in a matter of a few days they were able to locate my high school friend, and we've had a lot of fun catching up. Great company, very affordable and effective. "


Austin, TX

" This company is top notch, If you need an investigator for any reason, call Watchful Eye Investigations. 

The investigator I spoke with was a great listener and a great problem solver. I decided to hire them to conduct surveillance on my sons ex wife to establish her living patterns.  The evidence that was gathered helped us win a long child custody battle.  Watchful Eye has reasonable rates, very effective, and will probably save you money in the long run. "  

-J. D. 

Pflugerville, TX

" I wanted to say THANK YOU for a job well done on my Child Custody/Divorce Case. I truly appreciate all that Watchful Eye Investigations did to help me.  The Investigators went out of their way from start to finish throughout the entire investigation to help me get the evidence I needed for my case.  I am truly grateful, and would not hesitate in recommending Watchful Eye Investigations to others who may find themselves in a similar situation as mine. "

- C. W. 

Austin, TX

" I hired Watchful Eye to follow my wife, they got exactly what my attorney needed for me to get custody of my kids. I highly recommend this company ." 

- B. D. 

Round Rock, TX

" I needed peace of mind fast and Watchful Eye got it done, they know what their doing. The best in Central Texas. If its in the dark they will bring it to the light. I will use them again in my ongoing custody case. "

-Mike M. 

Leander, TX

" Mr. Russo and his staff assisted me in obtaining crucial information on the assets of a former sister-in-law, which will be pivotal in obtaining the money owed to me. "


Dallas, TX

" Mr. Russo and his team were professional, thorough, and responsive.  During a difficult situation, my family and I gained a sense of comfort and peace of mind working with them.  They stayed in constant contact and answered all of our questions, which was reassuring.  I would recommend Watchful Eye Investigations to others who find themselves in need of investigative services. "

- S.S. 

Austin, TX 

" I would like very much to thank Watchful Eye Investigations because they helped us with a criminal investigation when the authorities did not want to. They were very attentive, and did a great job on research and the information they obtained was invaluable. I would highly recommend their services to anyone needing a criminal investigation."

- Amanda Brugman

Plano, TX

" Watchful Eye Investigations was hired by another company that I was doing business with to help in an investigation involving many “extremely” technical issues regarding any possible financial and white collar crimes involved in my particular situation. Because of the complexity of my situation, this investigation took quite a long time to complete. I had been working closely with my account manager who was working with the company that hired Watchful Eye, and he assured me on several occasions that my needs were being addressed. There was apparently a miscommunication of some sort between these two companies that led me to believe that my case had fallen between the cracks. So, out of frustration I contacted the Better Business Bureau. That next day I received a call from my account manager, and we both spoke with the President/CEO of Watchful Eye Investigations, Mr. Steve Russo. At that time Mr. Russo assured me that it was his goal to see this investigation through, no matter what it takes.

Mr. Russo then took control of the investigation himself and a few days later the investigation was complete and I had the results in my hands. I must say, I am impressed. The depth of this investigation and the amount of information that it generated is staggering. Now that I see the results, I have a better understanding of why it took so long. I wish I had not called the BBB when I did because it seems that they were nearly finished with the investigation when I made that call. Looking back I think this could have been taken care of had we had a conference call before complaining to the BBB. Lesson learned.

Something else I learned is that Steve Russo is a trustworthy man of his word. When he says he will do something, consider it done. As soon as he realized there was a problem he stepped up, took charge, and took care of it himself. I was quite impressed with the way he handled himself and the situation. After all of this, I would be very comfortable doing business with Watchful Eye Investigations again because I know they do stand behind their word. Thank you Watchful Eye Investigations and thank you Steve Russo, this is so much more than I had expected. "

- Jean Smith

Austin, TX

" I hired Watchful Eye investigations on a personal matter and found them to be very professional and helpful. They were able to gather information quickly and accurately, and were also able to do the surveillance that I needed. They were very good about finding ways to work with my schedule, so that data could be collected when it was optimal. I also liked the fact that they stayed in constant contact with me, letting me know exactly where we stood in the process. Steve and his crew are the best, and their professionalism really put my mind at ease. "


Austin, TX

" We hired Watchful Eye Investigations to locate my ex husband so that I can terminate his parental rights and have my current husband adopt my 2 children.  We have had a terrible time trying to find him for 5 years.  The Attorney General's Office couldn't even locate him.  Our lawyer told us to hire a skip trace specialist or a private investigator so we can have him served, so that's when we found Watchful Eye.  Mr. Russo answered all the questions that I had before we hired him.  The price was very competitive. They gave us a report in less than 48 hours with a current address for my ex.  I would definitely recommend their services to anyone and I would absolutely use them again. "

- Nina Wagner

Round Rock, TX

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