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Trial Preparation

Attorneys use the tools they are provided in court. This is the exact reason why so many law firms and insurance carriers hire investigators to work diligently to prepare cases for trial. Many legal matters balance delicately on the edge of the judicial system and a single piece of crucial evidence can make or break even the most seemingly sound cases.

Our firm has vast experience in the entire litigation process. Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC has a lot of experience working in the courtroom as trial preparation investigators

Our understanding of all aspects of trial preparation and admissibility of evidence have made us a valuable asset when monitoring or preparing for a trial on behalf of insurance companies and clients. 

We have Paralegals on staff who are well versed in Texas civil litigation who oversee and create any trial preparation documents.


Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC will conduct extensive trial preparation to include:

  • Case Pickup & Diligent file review

  • Preparing and serving of all types of subpoenas at all levels

  • Locating and interviewing witnesses, factual and expert

  • Coordinating of all trial testimony and preparation of witnesses

  • Witness Escort

  • Conduct pre-trial surveillance

  • Courtroom assistance

  • Trial monitoring (start to finish)


Call our office today and speak to one of our professional investigators to get started.

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