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Steve Russo is the Founder/CEO of Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC since 2008. Steve has more than 22 years of investigations experience. He graduated from CAPCO-RTA Police Academy in 2002 and has been in the Law Enforcement profession ever since. He has extensive experience working in undercover narcotics, TABC sting operations, and criminal investigations. Steve worked for more than 10 years as a Senior Deputy Constable in Caldwell County Texas. He also worked as a Warrant Officer, Patrol Officer, and Marine Safety Enforcement Officer at several other law enforcement agencies throughout his 21 years as an active police officer. Steve is currently active as a certified Mental Health Officer and Police Chaplain. Steve has also worked on personal protection details for numerous celebrities and political dignitaries throughout his career. He currently holds an Advanced Texas Peace Officer license with (TCOLE) Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. Steve also holds a Private Investigator's license with the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau. Steve has an associates degree in Practical Theology and served as a youth  investigator working with troubled juveniles for many years.  Earlier in his career Steve worked for major retail chains such as Home Depot and Target as a certified Loss Prevention Investigator. For more than eight years, during which time he investigated and prosecuted hundreds of people for shoplifting and employee theft.  He has hundreds of hours of court room testimony experience, and has over 2500 hours of police classroom training certifications on various topics such as crisis intervention, terrorism awareness, sex crimes investigations, asset forfeiture, identity theft, mental health and crime scene investigations, as well as being ALERRT certified (Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training). Steve has been a member of TALI (Texas Association of Licensed Investigators) since he started WEI in 2008. Steve has owned/managed and worked with various investigation firms throughout his career and has a strong firsthand knowledge of the complete investigative process from start to finish.

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