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GPS Vehicle Tracking 

Quality real-time GPS tracking solutions not only offer rapid updating, every 15 seconds of travel. Every time the device shows movement it uploads Global Positioning to our servers. The reports will also include speed of travel, ( this is helpful if your in a child custody battle and your ex is traveling at a high rate of speed with child ) it also shows precise dates and times stopped at each location. We have professional, highly trained investigators monitoring every movement. At the end of your case, you will receive a detailed GPS report.

Take control - Knowing Makes the Difference

Live Tracker - $300 installation/Removal fee - $110 per day for tracker usage & monitoring - Five day minimum 

Confidentiality Guaranteed! GPS Tracking FAQ’s

Q: Is GPS Tracking legal?

A: Yes! You are allowed to track anything you own. If your name is on the vehicle registration you're good to go. According the Texas Transportation Code Section 501.002 (b) A person commits an offense if the person knowingly installs an electronic or mechanical tracking device on a motor vehicle owned or leased by another person. Unlawful Installation of Tracking Device is punishable as a Class A Misdemeanor. A Class A Misdemeanor is punishable by time in county jail for up to one year, and a fine of no more than $4,000. 

Q: I already have tracking software on my spouse's cell phone. Will a GPS tracker work better?

A: Definitely. A cell phone tracker is of no value when the user turns it off. The GPS tracker is covert and sends a discrete signal which is easily picked up.

Q: How Big is the GPS tracking device & Do I have to install it?

A: Our smallest GPS tracking device is about the size of a deck of cards. It will be professionally installed and removed by one of our trained investigators and only takes minutes to accomplish.  It fits into a waterproof case with a 30 day extended battery and earth magnet that will NOT fall off.

Q: Can my spouse be tracked out of state?

A: Yes, if he/she is driving anywhere throughout the United States we will be able to track the vehicle.

Q: Do I have to sign a long term contract?

A: No. Our only requirement is that you use it for a minimum of 5 days. 

Q: What type of information will the GPS tracking device give me?

A: Our GPS tracking device will track every movement and provide you with a detailed comprehensive report which consists of dates, times, stops, speed of travel and addresses your suspicious partner has traveled.

NO Equipment to buy

NO Service Contract

Track Immediately

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