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Infidelity Investigations

No one wants to believe they will ever need to use our infidelity investigation services. Due to the emotional nature of having a persistent suspicion of infidelity, this can wreak havoc on your mental and physical well-being. Let us gather the evidence for you, so that you can have the peace of mind and make informed and intelligent decisions for you and your family’s well-being. We pride ourselves on being discreet marital infidelity investigators.  

It is estimated that roughly 30 to 60% of all married individuals (in the United States) will engage in infidelity at some point during their marriage, and these numbers are probably on the conservative side.  When you consider that close to half of all marriages end in divorce people are more likely to stray as relationships fall apart.

Infidelity is becoming more common among people under 30, and we are seeing an increase in the demand for infidelity investigations.  Many experts believe this increase in cheating is due to greater opportunity (time spent away from a spouse) and young people developing the habit of having multiple sexual partners before they get married.

Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC will get the evidence for you.  We have highly trained professional and licensed infidelity investigators that will discreetly uncover the truth so that you can have peace of mind.  We will give you high resolution digital pictures and/or video footage along with a complete detailed report at the completion of your case.

         Call us today, we are available to speak with you 24/7

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