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Surveillance Investigation Services

Our surveillance investigation services are conducted by experts who will obtain documents, indisputable photographic and video evidence from cheating partners and workers compensation claims, to insurance fraud and employee theft. We use state of the art covert audio/video surveillance equipment to ensure you that we will capture detailed and professional digital pictures and/or video footage even under the most fragile and risky conditions.

Each investigator on our staff is a surveillance expert and is required to complete active training hours on a regular basis in order to stay sharp and up to date on advanced equipment and surveillance techniques.  We take every surveillance case extremely serious and understand the importance of absolute discretion. 

At the conclusion of your case, we will provide a detailed report breaking down every hour of surveillance that was conducted, including activity that was observed throughout the duration of the investigation. You will receive high resolution digital pictures and/or video footage along with your full written report.​

Call us today to hear about our surveillance investigation services today!

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