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PC / Mobile Phone Forensics

Computer forensics is a branch of forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media. Computer forensics is also known as electronic evidence collection.

The goal of computer forensics is to explain the current state of a digital artifact. The term digital artifact can include a computer system, a storage medium (such as a hard disk or CD-ROM), an electronic document (e.g. an email message or JPEG image) or even a sequence of packets moving over a computer network. The explanation can be as straightforward as "what information is here?" and as detailed as "what is the sequence of events responsible for the present situation?"

The field of computer forensics also has sub branches within it such as firewall forensics, network forensics, database forensics and mobile device forensics.

Watchful Eye Investigations can provide the recovery of computer-based electronic evidence by our licensed investigators, who are trained to scan and research your PC and your mobile phone in order to find any hidden key stroke programs, spyware and/or images or even deleted text messages on the hard drive.  The hidden images found, may be incriminating evidence to help you with your divorce/child custody case and/or any criminal investigation that may be already in progress. 

Call us today, and let one of our professional investigators schedule some time to take a look inside your PC and/or mobile phone and find out what kind of data is being kept hidden.

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